Whitening Vagina Treatment and What You Need to Know

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Looking after your precious private part is as crucial as looking after your outer appearance. Not many know or do this in Malaysia, but there is this global trend where women will get treatment from clinics, at home and anywhere where they offer the treatment of whitening vagina which is called vaginal bleaching. There are several ways to perform this whitening vagina treatment and not all of them are safe for your private part. Let’s take a look at what is the cause of a darkening vagina, the safe ways for whitening vagina and the treatments you may take into consideration to improve the unwanted darkness. Additional info for you: How to Tighten Vagina


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The Causes of Vagina Turning Dark

There can be multiple reasons that contributed to your darkening vagina and its areas. For your information, I used the word “vagina” because it has become the common term to describe the labia. The labia are the outer part of your female reproductive system and vagina is actually the muscular canal starting from the vulva to the cervix. Discoloration around the vaginal area, for example, makes it difficult for women to get intimate with their partners or restricts them to the lingerie or swimwear that they want to wear. Vaginal bleaching can now help to alleviate these anxieties. Below are the causes of a darkening vagina.

I. Friction against the area

When you are wearing a tight undergarment, it can cause your labia to rub against the fabric way too much and suppress it from proper ventilation. For your information, it doesn’t have to be just tight undergarment- even walking, exercise and sex can cause this.

II. Changes in hormone

Hormones, in fact, can play a significant role in this. It occurs as a result of the hormonal shifts that occur. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, a rapid increase in oestrogen levels during adolescence can lead to darkening of the intimate area. Due to the decreased oestrogen levels as you approach menopause in your late 30s and 40s, you may have the same effect.

III. Infected Vagina

The vaginal area of the body is certainly the most delicate, and women are susceptible to vaginal infections from time to time. Certain disorders might influence the area around the vulva, causing black patches to appear.

IV. Age

Your vaginal tissue changes with age, not just in terms of flexibility and texture, but also in terms of colour. Other bodily areas, in addition to the vaginal area, might also darken with age. This may not always be the case, but it is a consideration that should not be overlooked. (Dubey, 2020)

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Lightening Vagina: Vagina Whitening Treatment in Malaysia You May Try

In this article, we will only provide you the best and safest solutions to lighten the vagina area AKA vagina whitening treatment recommendation. So, you may leave your worries and choose the most suitable one to lighten up your precious area.

1. Laser Vaginal Bleaching

The goal of laser vaginal bleaching is to permanently eliminate darker-coloured tissues in the vaginal region, including the perineum.

The procedure is performed using a new-generation special laser in three or more sessions, depending on the situation, and each session usually takes 10-15 minutes to complete. The elimination of the melanin layer existing in the sensitive region is achievable with the use of a laser, and thus the cause of the unwanted discoloration is addressed. The treatment is done after an appointment and is done under local anaesthetic.

Afterwards, special attention should be paid to the sanitary treatment of the area during the postoperative period, and it is advised that the first sexual intercourse take place 3-4 days after the session. (HBHealth, n.d.)

2. Phasilab Instant Exfowhite

whitening vagina product

This amazing creation by Phasilab is designed to depigment darkened sensitive skin areas and keep your intimate skin parts moisturized, supple. However, this product is not recommended to apply for vagina whitening purpose which you may refer to the following info. Exfowhite’s micelle base has a thorough cleaning and moisturising enhancing action. It evens out the complexion on hyper-pigmented skin and eliminates dark spots, thanks to the Exfowhite complex’s combination with Bio-based AHA. Exfowhite comprises Vitamin C that has been stabilised and works as a strong antioxidant with proven skin lightening effects. This product is ideal for post-depilation care since it contains Chamomile, Helichrysum, and Licorice extracts, which reduce inflammation and soothe your skin. If you have been wondering about how to whiten private parts fast, then the answer you were looking for is this product!

Reasons of why using products for vagina whitening is not recommended? Here’s 3 studies that you can refer to. New Indian Express, Healthline, Idiva

The benefits of Phasilab Instant Exfowhite:

Improve skin texture and minimise fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating skin regeneration and speeding up depigmentation.

How to use:

The usage direction is pretty simple. You would just have to pour a few drops on a cotton pad and apply it on targeted areas like your bikini area, armpit, knee, elbows etc. Rinsing is not required, so you can just leave it on. Its bikini area whitening effect is superb in which there are more than tons of testimonial you may find it out through google search engine.

Other tips for lightening vagina that you may include in your daily routine while using Phasilab Instant Exfowhite:



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