Safest Way on How To Lighten Nipple Color in 2022

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The look of the hidden parts of your body such as nipples might not be your number one priority to take care of compared to your face or the other exposed body parts. However, when you do pay attention to the nipple color and find yourself to be searching for the best way on how to lighten nipple color, then this article would be the perfect read for you. Plus, having healthier-looking nipples can help you have better breast freshness and better sex life! Women experience a variety of hormonal changes, particularly during menstruation, pregnancy, and even after lactation.


how to lighten nipple color

Fun facts: According to data, 51 percent of women in the United States prefer dark nipples to bright red or cherry pink nipples because they think them sexier and more visually appealing. Even most males prefer black nipples, so women are increasingly opting for operations and going under the knife to darken their pink nipples or areolas instead of nipple whitening treatment.

However, before we get into the topic of how to lighten nipple color, let’s see what can influence dark nipples.

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How Did Nipples Turn Dark?

If you tried to understand the main reason why your nipples turned dark, then the answer you will receive from us -and any doctors- is pretty simple; it is caused by hormone changes. That being said, here are when your body will experience an escalation of hormone changes that will influence the color of your areolas;

Sometimes, there’s almost nothing you can do to prevent this from happening because it’s solely hormonal and for some, their areolas would return to their original color while some would stay dark permanently. In some cases, the growth of hair around your nipples can also make the nipples seem darker. Meanwhile, know when to seek a doctor when you notice an abnormal change in the color of your nipples. The reason being that it could be a sign of a serious underlying condition like cancer. (Picks, 2020)

So, what is the safest nipple lightening treatment you can use at home instead of clinical treatments? The answer is Phasilab Instant Exfowhite.

Introducing to You the Great Phasilab Instant Exfowhite

product to whiten nipple color

This Instant Exfowhite from Phasilab’s micelle base has a deep cleansing and moisturizing boosting action. It evens out the complexion on hyper-pigmented skin, uneven skin and removes dark spots thanks to the Exfowhite complex’s combination with Bio-based AHA. Exfowhite includes Vitamin C that has been stabilized and functions as a potent antioxidant with proven skin lightening qualities. This product is ideal for post-depilation care since it contains Chamomile, Helichrysum, and Licorice extracts, all of which reduce irritation and are able to soothe skin. Not only does this amazing product work as the safest nipple lightening treatment, but it also works on your bikini area, elbow, armpits, and knee! It could just be the best way to lighten dark nipples yet.

This product is one of the underarm whitening products too.

Directions of use:

It could be the simplest product to use, as all you have to do is moisten your cotton pad and apply it to the darkest spots you want to target, which in this case, your nipples. You don’t need to rinse it because the Instant Exfowhite goodness will sink into your skin. What are the benefits of Phasilab Instant Exfowhite?



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