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Are you a sleeveless outfit lover like a tank top and found yourself to be restricted from wearing these types of clothes because you have dark underarms? Well, it can be difficult to find decent and effective underarm whitening products in the market, especially at drugstores. For this reason, you would not have to worry any longer because we have listed below the best product for whitening underarms which you can get your hands on soon. You will also learn the best way to lighten underarms with one of the marvelous underarm whitening products yet, which is Phasilab Instant Exfowhite. First things first, let’s see the causes of dark underarms.


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What Mainly Caused Dark Underarms?

Darkened underarms are more common than you thought as a study found in 2014, a common skin condition called Acanthosis Nigricans (AN) causes the skin to thicken and darken in folds around the body in every 7 to 74 percent of people. The common areas that would experience this condition are as such: armpit, nape (back of the neck), groin area, elbows, and knees. Below are the reasons why your skin underarms turned dark:

1. Genetic

More often than not, this skin condition where you’d develop pigmentation on your armpits are inherited. Though anyone can develop dark underarms under certain circumstances, people with relatives that have the skin condition aforementioned will be more likely to get it too.


2. Irritation

Another common culprit is irritation from shaving. It’s considered that irritation from shaves or plucking stimulates the development of too many melanocytes.

3. Obesity

When you gain weight, your body becomes more resistant to the effects of insulin, and this hormone aids in blood sugar control. Increased synthesis of skin pigment cells can be caused by high insulin levels in the blood. More than half of individuals who are 200 percent or more above their optimum body weight have to darken in their underarms and other skin folds, according to PubMed Central. (Watson, 2019)

Other reasons:

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How to prevent dark underarms?

The shade of your armpit’s skin is still even with your whole body but you wish to take measures in order to prevent them from developing darkness? You need not worry because we just have the right tips for you to refer to.

Now, what if you already have experienced the darkening of your armpits? Could it be rid of? Good news! Genetically or not, we are pleased to inform you that darkened underarms can be lightened by the usage of Phasilab Instant Exfowhite, the best dark underarms treatment without breaking your bank!

What is Phasilab Instant Exfowhite?

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Instant Exfowhite’s micelle base has a deep cleansing and moisturizing enhancing action. It evens out the complexion on hyper-pigmented skin and removes dark spots thanks to the Exfowhite complex’s combination with Bio-based AHA. Exfowhite includes Vitamin C that has been stabilized and functions as a potent antioxidant with proven skin lightening qualities. This product is ideal for post-depilation care since it contains Chamomile, Helichrysum, and Licorice extracts, all of which reduce irritation and soothe skin. Not only does this amazing product work on your armpits, but it also works on your bikini area, elbow, nipple, and knee! It could just be the best way to lighten underarms yet!

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Directions of use:

It may be just the easiest product to use where you would only need to wet your cotton pad and apply it on your targeted darkened areas. You don’t need it to rinse it as your skin will absorb the goodness of Instant Exfowhite.

What are the benefits of Phasilab Instant Exfowhite?

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