Relieve dryness, restore elasticity to achieve a firming, sculpting and toning effect.

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PK24 ADVANCED firming crème helps recover loss of firmness due to aging or pregnancy or childbirth, and achieve firming, sculpting and toning effect.

It improves the elasticity and firmness, and brings youthfulness to your desired body parts. The revolutionary solution developed to achieve firming, sculpting and toning effect for a confident and sensational you.

Formulated for women, by women-Dr.Shamsah Amersi, a leading OB/GYN in Los Angeles, with expertise in female sexuality, libido and the effects of childbirth.


Empowering women to be comfortable asking for what they desire and making pleasure a priority in any occasion.


You can't love others before loving yourself. You are truly powerful and worthy.


Attraction goes beyond the surface. It is something deep, subtle, and unconscious.



Used by women worldwide since 2007.


Safe and natural proprietary blend of U.S. FDA-approved ingredients. Formulated, manufactured and import from the U.S.A

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Convenient and easy to use.


Lightweight, non-irritating.


Recover loss of firmness and restore elasticity to achieve a firming, sculpting and toning effect.


No risks, recovery or expense of invasive surgery.


Our collection


Transform your love life in minutes … and keep Him begging for more than usual


MINI Edition
(1 BOX 5ML)

You’ll never know until you try it. Look and feel beautiful, inside and out.


Combo Pack
(2X Classic, 2X MINI )

Enjoy an unforgettable night of intimate passion with your lover. Repeat tomorrow.

RM830.00 – RM640.00

Value Deal
(1X Classic, 1X MINI)

Don’t wait to re-ignite your relationship. Grab it before it’s gone. Limited supply.

RM415.00 – RM350.00


- J.Sherly, Kuala Lumpur -
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I think this is the most unusual product I have ever seen. It absolutely does work, and I am very satisfied with the results.
- 陈女士,槟城 -
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两年前开始意识到,随着年龄的增长,弹性和紧实度远不如前。刚巧一个闺蜜推介了PK24, 想着也是品牌信誉高的产品,就购买来用。结果,体验感很好!我想,我会将这个产品推荐给我的女性朋友们。
- Aisha, Kedah -
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Setelah menggunakan PK24, saya dapat merasai perubahannya dari segi fizikal. Suami juga memberi komen positif. Kesannya amat hebat dan menakjubkan. Terima Kasih PK24!
- Jenny Bradley -
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I can’t say enough about this product! It is so great! If you use this cream, you will feel a difference. I used it consistently for 3 months and I feel amazing. It really works!
- Diana -
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It truly helps to achieve firming, sculpting and toning effect. It is lightweight, and is absorbed in a very short time. It firms fairly well and I started to feel a little more confident.
- Dr. Elizabeth M. -
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I was amazed at the difference PK24 ADVANCED made for me. This is a fantastic product and I hope more people will get to know this cream. When appropriate, I would recommend it to my patients. I cannot say enough about how wonderful the product is.


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to chat with us below.

Pump a dime sized amount of cream to the tip of your finger. Apply in a circular motion thoroughly as instructed to achieve firming, sculpting and toning effect. May be applied any time of the day. For optimal effect apply twice within 24 hours. Maximum application two times within 24 hours.

This product formulated to hydrate internal vaginal walls and create a “youthful” tightening effect. Two applications per day are sufficient to produce better results. It is also safe to use after delivery. Please consult your doctor should you acquire any infection.

Chat with us below, we will advise you with the nearest clinic with stocks available in your area.

Our products are sold exclusively through authorized physicians or healthcare organizations. Products obtained from unverified sources or third-party website may not be genuine, i.e., may be diluted, expired, or counterfeit, and not safe for use.

Classic, 30ml is RM340.00

MINI Edition, 5ml is RM75.00

Shipping is FREE within Malaysia. For oversea buyers, We charge a minimal RM50 for each check-out parcel.

5ML: For usage of twice daily, should last for 2-3 weeks.

30ML: For usage of twice daily, 30ml should last for 2-3 months.

This wonderful product is formulated, manufactured, and imported from United States. It contains safe and natural propriety blend of US FDA approved ingredients. It helps improve the elasticity, recover loss of firmness due to aging, pregnancy or childbirth, and brings youthfulness to your intimate area. It is a revolutionary solution developed to achieve firming, sculpting, and toning effect for a confident and sensational you.

It starts working in 10 minutes after application, and its effects can last up to 24 hours. The tightening effects are maximal between 8 and 12 hours after application. For women who wishing to achieve maximal tightening effect, it can be applied up to 2 times a day. The ingredients are food safe. We’ve even added a hint of cherry flavouring that disappears after about 3 hours. The effectiveness does not diminish over time. The formula continues to be highly effective with repeated use.

Woman who wishes to improve the elasticity of intimate areas and recover loss of firmness due to aging, pregnancy, and childbirth.

Though not its primary purpose.  It does provide some lubrication. Women experiencing vaginal dryness should consult their doctor before using a lubricant. 

  • Recovering from surgery
  • During pregnancy
  • Patients with vaginitis
  • Virgin

This cream work most effectively only on intimate area.

The effect inspires irresistible levels of feminine esteem, personal sexual confidence, and renewed enthusiasm. These qualities are energizing and empowering for you and absolutely irresistible to him.


PK24 Advanced has assembled a lean and high powered team that currently runs the company.
We’re experts in medical retail and professional sales, the business team is strong with Terri Hoy, Frank Dino & Tom Goh.

With her expertise in female sexuality, libido and the effects of childbirth, a leading OB/GYN in Los Angeles, Dr. Shamsah Amersi, has joined the team as the medical supervisor, and consulting physician.

Shamsah Amersi, M.D

Medical Advisor

Terri Hoy


Frank Dino

Vice President

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Tom Goh

International Distribution

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PK24 ADVANCED is seeking wholesale and retail professionals to share the success of our other distributors does. We are among the fastest growing brand names in the global skin care market with a large number of repeat customers and representation in several countries. We are now looking for distributors or wholesale partners as well as professional retailers for both the USA and other countries.
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